OCTOPUS is a new and innovative security management platform – comprising of a Physical Security Information Management system (PSIM) together with a Cyber Security Event Management System (SIEM), providing organizations a one-stop-shop software solution with more than 35 modules to effectively manage all of their physical security, cyber security, IoT and smart facility, governance, risks and threats, and operational requirements, from one platform.

OCTOPUS fuses together all of the organization’s systems, sensors, cyber components, communications, IoT, and data sources, in order to correlate and automate system operations, streamline and improve efficiency and responsiveness, which results in driving down the number of incidents, operational costs, and incident related damages, while driving up incident response time, cross-functional collaboration, standardization and compliance.

The OCTOPUS system was designed and developed by experts in the field of physical security, cyber security, and IoT, and is cloud-enabled, reducing hardware costs and IT infrastructure dependencies.

The OCTOPUS software is a complete solution for managing a GSOC (Global Security Operations Center), offering a unified common operational picture of the entire organization, its assets, technologies, incidents, procedures, response, compliance, and human resources. The system can run as a Virtual SOC from any location and supports hierarchal deployments with multi-sited control centers.

OCTOPUS offers much benefits and ROI to organizations in various ver􀆟cal markets, such as:
critical infrastructure, safe city, and smart city, financial institutions, real-estate, smart facility and integrated work-place, utilities and power, oil and gas, emergency response agencies and private security companies, government organizations, airports & seaports, border and military, and others.


The OCTOPUS PSIM Command & Control Center takes the guesswork out of your security management by unifying your disparate security devices and information systems into one converged platform.

As the only fully Cloud-based PSIM available on the market, the OCTOPUS PSIM Command & Control Center is a complete solution for security, safety and operation centers, offering a unified common operational picture (COP) either on a multiple screen layout or on a laptop or tablet with an internet connection.



The OCTOPUS mobile distress signaling application allows your organization’s security personnel, employees, and/or customers to quickly and discreetly notify the Command & Control Center, first responders, and predefined contacts in case of an emergency.

The app pinpoints the exact geo-location of the individual in distress, making it faster and easier to send security forces and emergency services where they’re needed.


The OCTOPUS fleet management system makes dispatching, tracking, and monitoring your organization's fleet easy. It allows you to easily set up and assign routes to your company's fleet, complete with geo-located check points, allowing you to make sure your vehicles get where they need to go, when they need to get there. Routes are sent to the vehicles via the mobile application, and different predefined routes can easily be sent each day. Sent routes include navigation instructions, allowing the driver to open navigation software straight from the application.


The OCTOPUS Visitor, Supplier & Temporary Employee Management System offers a comprehensive, intuitive and streamlined visitor enrollment process and user experience for both your organization and the visitor himself, while removing the need for any special dedicated hardware and paperwork.

The system enables your organization to control all the visitors, temporary employees, suppliers, and contractors entering and exiting your facilities, handling all aspects of the visiting process, from invitations and scheduling to security and temporary employee payroll management.



The OCTOPUS Facility Management module allows you to monitor integrated systems, track energy and water consumption, and manage maintenance requirements. Auto-generate or manually create tasks for maintenance staff, assuring that repairs are made in a timely manner. 

The system integrates with critical building systems, including gates and doors, fire and gas detectors, water and wastewater meters, electricity meters, UPS, generators, SCADA, telemetry, PLCs, cameras, and security systems, giving you complete control over your facility. The system includes an interactive building layout diagram showing the locations of systems.


Mitigate and monitor your organization’s risk with the Octopus Performance & Monitoring system. A Business Intelligence System (BI) for managers, allowing to receive information and performance results from internal and external sources and monitor all of the organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs), the organization’s health status and risk level - in the field of Safety, Operations, Security, Information security, Compliance and ISO’s, and any other fields the organization wishes to monitor.

♦ Setup all the organizational performance indicators  and key elements which need to be monitored for your entire organization and divisions

♦ Managers from each division fill in periodic results, assessments, inspections, and reports

♦ Mobile app allows managers to view results and fill in reports remotely from the field

♦ Gain insights into divisions and areas which poor performance and higher risk, compare between multiple sites and average performance

♦ Map your organization's hierarchy and decide on designated responsible employees for feeding performance reports into the system