GoDistribution is a South African wholesale security distributor of leading global brands across industry sectors including airborne UAV technologies, thermal and optical vision systems, perimeter detection and protection systems.

This new wholesale venture is the latest entity to come out of the long-established TeleEye SA stable which has previously launched the successful complementary brands, GoUAV.co.za and GoThermal.co.za.

GoDistribution specifically brings together a collection of leading brands like FLIR Systems, DJI, Octopus Systems, and others from several market sectors into one convenient wholesale distribution platform. By adding additional value through consulting, client training and systems design; GoDistribution is emerging as a specialist in the application of military-grade thermal, radar, optical and drone technologies to strategic areas of the South African economy such as farming, energy, telecoms, mining, oil, and gas.

GoDistribution stated goal is to engage with the dealer and end user of radar technologies, perimeter protection devices, high-end thermal detection and others to achieve the best deal for both parties.



As South Africa’s largest thermal imaging distributor, GoDistibution specialize in providing leading edge thermal products and solutions for all industries. Our world leading thermal brands FLIR Systems, HIKVision and Opgal, cater for a wide range of industry applications such as Security, Fire, Outdoor & Tactical, Instruments, Electrical, Mechanical, Building, Airborne, Optical Gas Imaging, Test & Measurement and OEM Manufacturing with our Cores and Components. GoDistribution also offer ITC certified thermal training courses.


GoDistibution , a DJI Enterprise and FLIR Systems sUAS distributor specialize in commercial UAV applications by providing a complete range of DJI UAV flight platforms, imaging payloads and software applications for a diverse range of industry applications including Security , Agriculture, Public Safety, Inspections, Surveys & Mapping and Media. GoDistribution provide turnkey ready-to-fly aerial solutions from the world leading UAV product manufacturers accompanied by our expert advice, training and support.


As veterans in the security surveillance sector, GoDistribution provide a full range of video alarm verification and video management solutions from leading manufacturers FLIR Systems, HIKVision, TeleEye and WAMA. When it comes to securing lives and assets or managing your business facilities and infrastructures, GoDistibution supported by our vast system integrator network, have a solution to meet your requirements.


When it comes to securing perimeters, GoDistribution combine years of knowledge and experience with world leading detection products from brands such as FLIR Systems, Magos and RBTec to provide early warning detection and verification systems. Our products and solutions include sophisticated video analytics and physical detection devices such as radar and fiber sensing cable which are widely used to secure high risk sites such as Airports, Refineries, Utilities, Farms, Communication Towers, Mines, Estates and other sensitive areas. GoDistibution offer design and consulting services to ensure your system keeps intruders away before they gain access.


GoDistibution specialize in empowering individuals such as security response personnel, law enforcement officers, soldiers, firefighters, outdoorsman and other first responders to see in total darkness. Our world renowned thermal imaging and night vision products originate from a military pedigree and are widely used by industry professionals across the globe. Our thermal and Infra-red marking systems allow for easy identification of vehicles and personnel in complete darkness. Our tactical products are available in handheld, helmet and weapon mount systems.


Radar detection systems have long been the primary choice of wide area detection mechanisms for military applications. GoDistibution bring you these tried and tested radar technologies for commercial use. Whether you require ground-based staring radar or long range 360-degree scanning, our brands FLIR Systems and Magos cater for your needs. GoDistibution specialize in specification and integration of radar systems with thermal and optical imaging devices along with our powerful command & control interface software suites.



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